Game Graphics Production

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A graduate from Game Graphics Production is an expert in creating graphical assets for AAA games. Starting from a concept, you translate the vision of your art director into breathtaking graphics. Just like a game developer you own a thorough understanding of the production pipeline and you are able to find a balance between quality and production speed. You master a wide set of 2D, 3D and technical skills. Moreover, you know which tool is best suited for a specific situation.


In the second year you will choose a minor track which will specialize your skills in one of two ways:


Minor Tech

Within this minor you learn the technical and artistical skills that are necessary to breathe life into a world. Through knowledge of procedural content creation and scripting, as well as deep insight into various illumination and shader creation techniques, graduates from this minor have all the skills they need to tackle the technical side of producing game graphics.


Minor Style

In this minor, you learn to create characters, creatures and individual assets. A Style student has good knowledge of anatomy and stylization, next to his impeccable 3D and texturing skills. A graduate from this minor has all the skills he needs to create convincing characters and creatures and complex and realistic 3D models for games.








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PLEASE BE ADVISED: The overview below describes the curriculum as it will unfold for new first year enrollments in the upcoming academic year. Students who were already enrolled in previous academic year may have a different curriculum layout which does not contain some of the changes below.