Games from our First Global Game Jam

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This past weekend we hosted our first Global Game Jam in The Level. 


With about 13 people participating we ended up with a few late comers and some first years that wanted to take part. 


With this in mind we had slightly bigger than usual Game Jam teams (6 and 7 respecitively)


Check out the games that were made this last weekend (I've been told pretty much in about 36 hours as our participants enjoyed having some regular sleep as well)


With the theme of this years Global Game Jam being, "What do we do now?", the following are the two games that were made here, in West-Vlaanderen. 



Every x seconds you get 2 random weapons that can either be useful or useless. How long can you last?



The screenshot below that has "Pew Pew" in it, the weapon is a Banana :D



The Escape

When a hero fails what does the damsel do? After the 50th hero has fallen in an attempt to save you, you've decided you've had enough. You kick open your tower room door, grab that last guy's sword (he actually managed to get pretty far!), and see if you can get out yourself. However, you quickly realise this 2.5 meter long sword might just be a tad too heavy for practical use.