Brains Eden 2019: Students win 2 Awards!

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DAE participated with 2 teams at Brains Eden 2019, both teams winning an award!

Brains Eden Festival is hosted in Cambridge, UK and it is a 48-hour game jam where teams of 5 students have to make original games about a surprise theme. This year's theme was 'Chain reaction'. An epic celebration of games development that provides a unique opportunity for aspiring games developers to practise, improve and showcase their skills to gaming and technology leaders. The game jam is supported by industry talks and a careers clinic giving employers direct contact with the next generation of talent. This is one of the largest UK gaming festivals, and it has been a lot of fun for DAE students to be a part of it once again!

The festival is supported by leading game companies such as Frontier, Jagex, Codemasters, Sumo Digital, Unity, PlayStation First, and more.


Congratulations to both teams! We couldn't be happier! 

 Team: Dodo's Against Extinction winning the Best Storytelling Award!

  • Lukas Boonen (Team Leader): 3DAE Game Graphics Production
  • Piter Hillewaert: 2DAE Game Graphics Production
  • Arne Sercu: 3DAE Game Development 
  • Annelien Heyninck: 2DAE Game Graphics Production
  • Stijn Billiet: 3DAE Game Development 



Torn Gameplay Trailer from Lukas Boonen on Vimeo.

  Team: Didn't Argue Enough winning The Innovation Award!

  • Adam Pype (Team Leader): 2DAE Independent Game Production
  • Matei Ungureanu: 2DAE Game Development / International student
  • Sarah Druyts: 2DAE Game Development 
  • Rocio Barrero Lozano: 3DAE Game Graphics Production / International student
  • Milan De Laet: 2DAE Game Graphics Production




ShortFused Trailer from Matei Adeodatus Ungureanu on Vimeo.