Thomas Ghekiere: Architectural Viz in Unreal

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For his graduation work Thomas Ghekiere had to recreate a scene from a photo/ real building in the game engine Unreal 4. The goal was to get the look as realistic as possible. With as purpose to create realistic PBR materials, utilize them in a scene and make use of lighting to set a coherent scene. The project served also as a case to convince people that unreal is capable of architectural visualisations.


What better subject to choose than our very own school: The Level.

Image made in Unreal


The real image.

His workflow:


- Searching for references on everything; scene, lighting, materials, textures, geometric meshes


- Create some of the first materials with the help of a basic mat. shader in ue4.


- Put those materials in a testscene.


- Keep creating the materials that are needed, make complexer materials ( tesselation, vertex paint)


- Creation of the final scene with the help of BSP brushes and props (trying to match composition with the references).


- Add the materials on BSP brushes in the created scene.


- Start adding lighting ( directional light, skylight, sphere reflectors, bounceing light)


- Add a post-process to the scene. Take control over bloom, ambient occlusion, saturation/contrast,...