Level Decoration Archviz in UE4

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The last year students of the major Game Graphics Production had to make a photoreal architectureal scene that runs in real time.

Real time architectural visualizations are a rising trend in the industry, so having the skills to create a photoreal scene within a real time package like UE4 is a must-have. They had 4 weeks to complete this assignment from scratch, while having other assignments as well.

Barbieux Maxime

Budrys Dovydas

Mentzel Jan

De Vos Samuel

Potums Olmo

Loccufier Vic

Vander Meiren Sander

Weynants Wouter

Blondeel Kevin

Van Roy Tigo

Lochs Erika

Csizmadia Szabolcs

Laukens Lars                                                                                                               Debruyne Anouk