Game art pipeline: Assignment results: PBR tools

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These are some of the results of the latest Game Art Pipeline assignment. The goal was to make a one handed tool using PBR techniques.


PBR Rivet Tong [Animated] by ThomasKole on Sketchfab

TTS Tattoo Machine by Dovydas Budrys on Sketchfab

<update> Budrys Dovydas reworked his tattoo machine at the end of his final year with new techniques he has learned.

PBR Handtool Trucker's Friend by Giuliano De Luca on Sketchfab

GAP - Tool Assignment by jeroencoessens on Sketchfab

Level Pro by ehcin on Sketchfab

PBR_Tactical_Tomahawk by Simon Van Daele on Sketchfab

Pbr Ice Axe by Sander Vander Meiren on Sketchfab

Soldering Tool by Ralph Packet on Sketchfab

PBR Stanley SB3 by Samuel De Vos on Sketchfab

Stanley Knife by Adam Cox on Sketchfab

Old Alidade Telescope by Erika Lochs on Sketchfab

Soldering Tool by Jonathan Steyfkens on Sketchfab

Ice Axe PBR by simonketels on Sketchfab


<update> Sean Roberts updated his heavy duty hand drill after the feedback