Game Art Pipeline PBR Helmet

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Below are some results of the exam Game Art Pipeline during semester 3. This year the challenge was: create a real time helmet for current gen high profile platforms based on real reference.


Students had to show off their:


Modelling skills: Have an eye for shape, proportion, detail and spending the right amount of polygons in the right places while keeping in mind not to betray the fact that they modeling for real time application. Being able to decide what details go in normal maps or in the model.


Texturing skills and knowledge of PBR materials: Being able to create a convincing texture set that show skill in localization of wear, interpreting real materials and master the rules of PBR shading with use of Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4 and Sketchfab. Advanced tools such a Substance not yet allowed!


Presentation skills: How to build an interesting shot with a nice composition and lighting that makes the model alive, attractive and easy to read.

Combat Vehicle Crewman (CVC) Helmet, Vietnam Era by olmopotums on Sketchfab

PBR Military Helmet & Gas Mask by xavier.allen on Sketchfab

Army Helmet by GaetanThibaut on Sketchfab

PBR MICH Helmet Smith Elite by on Sketchfab

PBR Pilot Helmet HGU33 by niels_breugelmans on Sketchfab

GAP_EXAM_Simon_Van_Daele by Simon Van Daele on Sketchfab

PBR Firefighter Helmet by Thomas Kole on Sketchfab

PBR Tactical Helmet by Simon Coenen on Sketchfab

PBR Kabuto [Samurai Helmet] by Robert Lindner on Sketchfab

Pilot Helmet HGU-55 PBR by kevinblondeel on Sketchfab

German WO2 Helmet and Airsoft Mask PBR by Ralph Packet on Sketchfab

Football Helmet ( Denver broncos ) by jeroencoessens on Sketchfab

PBRHELMET by bavo van den eynde on Sketchfab

WWII German Helmet, Gasmask and Canister by Szabolcs Csizmadia on Sketchfab