3D1 Exam results 2015 - 16: Cityscene on Sketchfab

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For the 3D1 exam assignment our fist year students had to make a cityscene based on a mediterranean or asian city. The goal was to create everything in 3dsMax with diffuse textures only and having it exported onto Sketchfab (link to all the student uploads).


With no previous experience our students where first introduced to the workflow and tools of 3ds Max at the beginning of the semester. With five weeks of 3D under their belt they started producing their own game ready 3D props (smaller objects) for their cityscene. We emphasized on optimization, good unwraps and texture workflow. For most students it was also their first encounter with Photoshop. 


As the weeks progressed we tackled how to create houses using a combination of unique and tileable textures. We ended the semester with making vegetation and a small vehicle. Another key element in constructing a scene like that was working in an orderly fashion: good naming conventions and asset tracking was crucial.


<update> Pablo Sanches was asked by Sketchfab to write an article about the making of his scene. You can read it here.


These are some of the results:



City Scene Italy by Bram Delaey on Sketchfab

Bangkok Cityscene by Michèle Samyn on Sketchfab

City Scene Aix-en-Provence by Emilie Van Geel on Sketchfab

City_Scene BURDEAUX_V2 by pablo_sanchez on Sketchfab

City Scene Bangkok by sybren on Sketchfab

CityScene_Lisbon by Christof De Hertogh on Sketchfab

Bangkok Cityscene by Gilles Steyt on Sketchfab

Test City Scene Venice by jeremy.vansnick on Sketchfab

CityScene Kyoto street by Alexandre Vanhomwegen on Sketchfab

City scene Tokyo by Maximiliaan Maene on Sketchfab

CityScene Lisbon by silkevds on Sketchfab

Cityscene by Evgeni Vdovlov on Sketchfab

CityScene-London by anastasia.zamurujev on Sketchfab

1DAE3 CityScene Bariakova 2016 by Dominika Bariakova on Sketchfab

CityScene London by Ly-Anne Thijs on Sketchfab

City Scene Tokyo by Sooi Cherchye on Sketchfab

City Scene - South France by Tim Coddens on Sketchfab

Cityscene inspired by Saint- Paul de Vence by Jean- Philippe Lybeer on Sketchfab

Diorama Tokyo Japan by carlo.dobbe on Sketchfab

CityScene by Matthias Kimpe on Sketchfab

Low poly City Scene by Ellie Porfyridou on Sketchfab

Shanghai City Scene by Jakob Van Damme on Sketchfab