3D1 Exam results 2016 - 17: a city scene

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These are the results of  being at DAE for one semester and following the 3D1 module. This module covers the basics of low poly modeling, optimizing meshes, unwrapping, rendering out the ambient occlusion of your object, texturing, naming conventions, working in a structured manner, exporting and uploading a 3D scene to Sketchfab, an online 3D viewer.


We started this course by going over the complete pipeline to create some very simple objects like a traffic cone, a lamp post, a traffic sign... When the students mastered these smaller items we went on to create the houses. These bigger objects needed a slightly different approach and we introduced a more modulare texturing approach to reduce the number of textures. After that vegetation was created: trees, bushes, flowers,...  


A blockout was made to know how the scene would look like in advance and afterwards these blocks were replaced by finished 3D models.


A very important aspect of this module is looking at reference, because without it your scene would not look as good.