Character Design The Best of 2013

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This is a selection of the best works from the course unit Character Design 2013. In the second year of DAE, you get to design your own characters for either game or animation and 3D productions. After an intensive period of learning the basics of drawing in the first year,  you should be ready to create your first characters. 


This year, we worked on 5 projects. First, our students had to design 3 versions of themselves as a survivor of a zombie epidemic. The characters should be well equipped to protect themselves and have a lot of attributes and self made props. It was an exercise in realistic anatomy as well. 


For the second assignment we went for a mix in human anatomy vs. animal anatomy and designed a barbarian centaur. As third assignment, our students had to make a modelsheet of a rollerderby girl in the year 2100, with girly, gitzy colors and a graphical style. At the end of the semester, we let ourselves be inspired by the famous art nouveau artist Alphons Mucha to design a calendar girl with a lot of dynamics in hair and drapery and the character should be a 'realistic element sorceress'. Emphasis on this assignment was theatrical color & lighting and realistic expressive face and hands.


As end assignment, the students had to design a Bonnie & Clyde character for either 'Game of Thrones', Elysium', or Sons Of Anarchy'. The results of each assignment can be viewed on the images below.