Character Design

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During the course Character Design we will teach you the skills of designing characters for the game or animation/VFX industry.

The entertainment industry still relies on the old academic ways of figure drawing for mastering great character design. So here you can expect human anatomy theory and exercises, character design assignments & coaching and loads of figure drawing.

In Character design you will learn about human proportions, volumes and perspective in the body. You will understand how the major bones and muscle groups work. How they are the underlying lines for every pose. You will see that a face is a complex 3-dimensional shape, that every face is unique and that every detail can conceal a personality trait. You will learn to visualise a character based on a given assignment or by imagining your own, and you will have to make the right visual decisions to create a great design.

For designing characters, you need to be able to draw a figure correctly. You will learn to draw the human body by observation. That is why a big part of the course consists of sessions in academic figure drawing. Mastering drawing and painting off the human body takes a lot of exercise, so we will learn to progress in drawing better and better human figures.

The sessions are all meant to engage new ways of looking towards the human body and translating this in interesting lines, shapes, values, color.

You will also learn to improve your drawing skills by using new materials like charcoal or chinese ink. Charcoal for example is a very efficient way of doing value studies."It is like drawing paint". Beside this we will also make digital paintings of our models by observation.


Technology used: Eyes, Mind and Hands + Adobe Photoshop