Stylised Design and Creation: Cute Creature Workshop.

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 Lots of positive and good vibes earlier this semester for the students Stylised Design and Creation 

who went trough a 4 Week workshop guiding them through the full Stylised Character creation pipeline, for the first time.
The sudents created a stylized creature, starting from a concept pushing it trough all the stages the current gen AAA industry pipeline.
Starting by making a blockout from a concept, pushing this to a polished sculp. Properly re-topologizing the mesh and creating clean UV’s. 
Followed by applying stylized PBR materials and finally posing and presenting the end result in a professional way. 
This has taught the students the essential fundamentals they need to know for the final assignment they are now working on, a full stylized AAA character.
All students uploaded their results to sketchfab under the tag “DaeSdc2020Ccw”.
4 of our student made the top 10 artworks of the week on sketchfab, nearly half of that weeks best uploads. 3 of them also got staff picked.
Some of the highlights: