Stylized Creation

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In this course, we analyze and translate 2D concepts from different styles into 3D. The first focus is getting used to new parts in the 3D creation pipeline.


After practicing the steps in the pipeline, we are going through the full creation process by making a small constraint character. Together we analyze concepts of a similar style and turn them into 3D assets.


As the final the students tackle a concept in the style and subject of their own choice or creation. They put all their current knowledge to the test and have the opportunity to focus on a subject they want to showcase in their portfolio.




Contents of this module:

  • Analyzing a given style
  • Creating a simple style guide based on your analysis
  • Translating your design from 2D to 3D space while maintaining the style
  • Creating appealing materials to complement their 3D shapes
  • Presenting your process and final result in a professional way


Technology used: ZBrush, Maya/ 3DS Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop