Two Games a Month incubator starting in February 2021

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Starting February 2021, 3rd year students looking for an internship and DAE alumni can follow the two games a month incubator: a 24-week game development program. People who get selected for this program are getting coached in the art of fast game prototyping all while getting to know the game industry a lot better during weekly inspiration and expert sessions.

Organized by game technology accelerator DAE Studios: Why are we doing this? 

Making it big in the game tech industry, entertainment or applied, is certainly a challenge. There are many hurdles to overcome as a young developer with limited experience:

Working on projects and teams in a commercial setting

Building a community for your games and learning how to develop a game with your end user in mind

Running through a full game production cycle without losing months' worth of resources

Creating the right business model, finding the funds,..


Often the problem is in the mindset of the ambitious game developers: ‘This is my dream project, I will develop it right away and make a fortune’. Having never run through the full game production cycle – from ideation to release – starting such a project will most probably take way too long to develop and end up in a failure.



We’re looking for three profiles. You will like this program if you are a/an:

  • 2D/3D Artist, designer, developer, animator or sound designer who's interested in the indie game dev scene


  • Future entrepreneur in the game development scene (IGP)


  • Alumni who want to start their own company
All profiles should be interested in the full production cycle of games and should contribute in any way they can. 


One game each 2 weeks with the help of experts

Participants of the program are divided in multidisciplinary teams of three/four members. The theme of the projects you will be working on are primarily focused on entertainment games, applied games secondarily. This intensive program will result in 8 games/vertical slices. We have experts on the subject of brainstorming, project management, production and development helping you out and making sure we end up with very cool games concepts! Each sprint you will learn more about several crucial topics: user testing, pricing models, community building,..
In week 19, the 3 best concepts of each team will be presented in front of a professional jury. The goal is to identify the concepts with the biggest potential and map out the next steps to bring these projects to life.

I'm interested - what's next?

Head over to for more information and timelines. You can use the contact form to let us know if you are interested in following the program. There will be a screening moment for all participants in November.