2 Games A Month 2022 now open for Alumni

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In February 2021 the first edition of DAE Studios’ 2 Games a Month program successfully came to a close! Now they are ready for a new edition, and they are expanding.Whether you are a full grown developer, an animator, a sound producer, a game designer, … if you dream about participating in the indie game industry, this program is for you. 


2 Games a Month wants to give game creators the opportunity to make games, meet new people, grow skills and join the ecosystem. Not by following a class, but by diving into actually making commercially viable games. During this 18-week program, indie game dev enthusiasts get to work on entertainment-based and applied games, all while getting to know the industry that much better. 


They work in multidisciplinary teams consisting of artists, developers, 2D designers, game designers, and marketing profiles. Making a new game in two weeks -- from ideation to prototype -- isn’t an easy task. However, it is a crucial skill to validate a game concept of its market potential. 


Check the aftermovie of the 2021 edition below: 

What's next? 

The story doesn’t have to end after 18 weeks. A team of 2 Games A Month 2021 graduates is currently coached by DAE Studios. There’s a new studio in town: Hello, Face First Games! The founders are working on 'Metro Warriors', a twin-stick shooter multiplayer experience that was prototyped in the 2 Games a Month program. Their goal is 'to crash face first into the chaos that is the game industry providing quick, intense yet satisfying games.' It’s all about finding like-minded people. 



Alumni and students from various educational backgrounds can now apply for the 2022 edition. DAE Studios is still looking for enthusiastic artists, game designers and business-oriented profiles. Let’s talk opportunities at 2 Games a Month!