"Our recent prom night was unforgettable!”

Right before we released our students on their challenging journeys called "exams”, we hosted a final event that brought our school’s community together in a celebration of friendship and joy. With the help of talented photographers Emma and Sofie, we captured the essence of this remarkable night through a series of captivating photographs.


Emma's keen eye captured the vibrant energy of the prom, showcasing the dynamic interactions, stylish outfits, and contagious smiles that lit up the room. We set up a photobooth that became a place of unbridled fun and silliness, and Sofie's photographs perfectly captured the joy and camaraderie that filled those moments.


How else to memorialize this event than Sofie’s epic Instagram reel, taking you on a visual journey through our prom night, reliving the wild antics, goofy poses, and unforgettable moments.


As we reflect on this unforgettable night, we are reminded of the power of coming together, celebrating each other, our milestones, and creating lasting memories. Our prom was more than just a social event – it was a true testament to the vibrant spirit of our university and the close bonds we formed together. 


It’s a gentle reminder that our time at our university is not just about academics, but also about the connections, friendships, and memories that we create along the way.