Procedural Courses 2023

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Showcased below are some of the exam results for the procedural courses of the Tech Minor of Game Graphics Production.


The goal of these courses is to develop tools and systems that facilitate content creation in games, by leveraging procedural workflows. This could range from drawing lines to generate trenches, to building entire landscapes with erosion data dictating the vegetation systems layered on top. This requires a solid technical understanding of Houdini and Unreal Engine, but also an artistic eye to ensure the highest visual quality.


The student work in this video is from Michalina Gasienica-Laskowy, Luke van Klooster, Akio Inagaki and Simone Tiraferri.

Breakdown by Michalina Gasienica-Laskowy.


Procedural Environment exam results from Luke van KloosterLaura ZvilnaSorescu StefanOdo StruyveSimone TiraferriCamille LeclerqSchon VerenaMichalina Gasienica-LaskowyAkio InagakiYannick Deveux and Mikkel Blaase.