Game Release Crowned Control

One of our student games is now available on Steam!

Dive into a world of knights, legends, and ghostly powers!

Crowned Control is a game about a group of knights, lured into an old dungeon by tales of legend. According to the stories, there's a legendary crown in there that grants ghostly powers to the one wearing it!


Of course, every knight wants that crown for themself! Acquiring it will require teamwork, however. They'll need to work together to get the crown off of the current wearer's head, and onto their own! Our knights are armed with their trusty sword, shining armor and whatever artifacts (or rubbish) they can scavenge from within the dungeon. Hit each other with swords, spill oil to slow the others down or taste some exquisite cuisine in the fine peppers of the underground, to give yourself a speed boost. Other than legendary artifacts, this dungeon also houses a myriad of traps. Our knights can choose to expertly avoid these, or cunningly use them against the one wearing the crown (or their friends, of course).


At the end of the day, all that matters is who gets to wear the crown the longest, so employ whatever tactics you need to make sure that person is you!


Check it out and get the game on Steam now:


Congrats to the talented team behind this creation: Gilduin Stevens, Joren Dresselaers, Quinten Dejaeghere, Dayell De Graaf, and Abdullah Serbest. They made it happen in just 11 weeks during their second year at DAE!