Game Release: Don't Forget

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Another game from our DAE students has come out on Steam. Don’t Forget is a 3D singleplayer story and exploration game inspired by dementia. The goal of the game is to recollect your memories by looking for clues and playing brain-stimulating minigames whilst battling the effects of your dementia.


As a player you wake up in a place you barely remember, but there is only a journal besides you on the desk. The problem is you don’t know where you are, how you got here, and why you are here. There are clues to retrace your memory by following the steps. To understand everything you must fill in the journal by playing brain games.  


This game is created as an assignment for the final group projects course in the last semester. It is created in 11 weeks with a group of 6 students: Evie Verstappen, Sander De Keukelaere, Nina Krutkyté, Robbe Mahieu, Lee Vangraefschepe, Niyash Khadka!


Download the game now on Steam: