Guest lectures at the Level

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We held 6 workshops at the Level. We are very pleased to have such renowed guest speakers visiting us.


Workshop 1

Audio Design for Games by Chanel Summers (Syndicate 17 - USA)

How can you augment the game play experience using audio from the design phase on.


Workshop 2

Concept art for Games by Daniel Dociu (Arenanet – USA)

A 2 day workshop by one of the greatest artist in the game industry.


Workshop 3

Procedural Graphics for Games by Kim Goossens (NHTV – NL)

Explaining the concepts of procedural content using Houdini. As a project we will generate Greek temples in a landscape.


Workshop 4

Game Development by Fabrice Lété (BE)

Game prototyping with Löve (Lua game engine)


Workshop 5

VFX Breakdown by TBC (Walking the dog – BE)


Workshop 6

Game Design by DAE Research (DAE - BE)