Foundation for Games

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 The goal of this course is to develop the students’ visual library and to expand and refine their visual language.

 The course consists of several parts; Visual Technologies, Art History, Game History.


Visual Technologies gives you insights on all technical elements of the production pipeline. Whether we are talking about Color depth, image sizes or compression, you should know what you are talking about.


In Art History we’ll broaden your horizons to spark your creativity with the work of classical  masters and compare their compositions and color usage with contemporary art. The students will gain an insight into image as a means of communication. We will teach the student to look at the world differently.


Game History submerges you into the history of games. We have come a long way, starting from the first attempts on university mainframes to the latest VR technology. But what happened through these decades? Growth and decline from different genres, platforms and business models are covered via various examples.




Visual Technologies:

Game History:

Art History: