VFX simulation 2

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This course will focus on how to prepare and set up 3D models for destruction and we will dive into the world of simulations. You will first learn how dynamics work, how 3D objects can collide with eachother and how you can apply forces on them like gravity and wind.


Next up you will learn how to fracture your 3D model in to little pieces and to constraint your 3D model so these pieces hold on to each other. When extreme forces are applied to these objects the constraints will break and the pieces will come loose. We will also build in tools to have control over what will break and what not.

You will also learn how to work with partilcle simulations and how you can use them to add volume effects like dust clouds and smoke trails to your destruction scene. 


Lecturer: yves.pauwels@howest.be

Destruction Scene from Anse Vandevelde on Vimeo.

VFX_Sim1_Exam_Calder_Cosyn from Digital Arts and Entertainment