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The secrets of VFX blockbusters finally revealed! From the start of this study programme, we're going to take a look "behind the scenes" to discover what goes into the creation of all those visual effects.


The process of film magic starts with rotoscoping, tracking, matchmoving and compositing. We dive into the greenkey studio or we film on location with a green screen. You will be given a solid technical foundation at the start of the course math and programming, after which we pull open all registers of SideFx Houdini to show you how all the visual effects are made and what's needed to bring them all to life.


In addition, we see all possible scenarios in terms of simulations: explosions, smoke, particles, fluids, cloth, muscles, hair, ... You literally become *the* CGI creator of a hyperrealistic 3D scene, or you combine recorded material, 2.5D matte paintings and set extensions.Post-production techniques, such as compositing and color grading, are the final steps in this production process.


The trajectory of this curriculum is based on to the current needs of the film industry. Whether it's London, Montreal or closer to home, the possibilities for hard-working VFX Artists are unlimited!


Future job opportunities: render supervisior, rotoscoper, technical artist, compositor, 3D artist, FX artist, lighting artist ...


Semester 5 can be substituted by a study semester abroad at one of our international partner universities.


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PLEASE BE ADVISED: The overview below describes the curriculum as it will unfold for new first year enrollments in the upcoming academic year. Students who were already enrolled in previous academic year may have a different curriculum layout which does not contain some of the changes below.