Game Asset Pipeline

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During the previous modules you learned how to make basic low poly 3D objects (3D1) and photorealistic high poly 3D (3D2).


During the course Game Asset Pipeline you will combine both techniques to create highly detailed low poly objects. This implies that you will have to follow a clear pipeline.


After analyzing your reference pictures you will first of all make a high poly objects by means of subdivision modeling techniques. Then you will create a low poly version of this object that you will unwrap. By means of normal projection, the high poly information will be transferred to the low poly object in a texture.


By doing this, we will create the effect of looking at a hyper realistic object while the auxiliary structure will be strongly optimized and game ready.


Then we move on to the finishing touch: Baking Ambient Occlusion, creating a cavity map, masks and creating the material definition through texturing. We learn the entire baking and texturing process in Substance Painter.


Technologies used: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter