Preproduction 1 2020: The Town Square

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For the first assignment of the Preproduction 1 course, our first year students designed a small and cozy-looking town square. First, the students had to choose one of the given themes (transport, agriculture and fishing). Next, they had to translate different chosen real life references together, to come up with their own design in two point perspective.

With this assignment, not only do we check the perspective drawing and researching skills of each student, we also check if they can successfully go through the whole preproduction pipeline.
Marcello Acevedo

Katharina Alexander

Stijn Beerts

Gert Braeckman

Lara D'Adda

Joris Jehs

Jules Joris

Thorquato Peters

Miel Vandepitte

Meesje van Hout

Sebastien Vanschoonbeek

Evy Westelinck

Maxime Wouters