Preproduction 1: UPHILL

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Students were asked to design a picturesque diorama of a homestead in rural China, Langde Miao Guizhou Province. The diorama depicts the living and working environment of an artisan. Pig farmer, textile or paper maker, maker of pottery and so on.

The scene depicts some typical chinese village architecture and nature of the region, and has a layered, vertical uphill design. At the top of the hill students were asked to draw a small shrine as a focus point they all share.
Paul Tuomas

Akio Inagaki

Magnus Isdahl

Juozas Pelakauskas

Mikkel Blaase

Eric Schmitz Boccia

Minh Trinh

Juliette Chatenier

Irina Giurgea

Laura Zvilna

Aleksei Guljajev

Alina Rößner