Preproduction 2: The Tower Assignment

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For this assignment the Game Graphics and 3D Animation students created a digital mood painting of a landscape in which a medieval tower  was the focal point. In addition to the tower, they also had to include the following landscape elements in the environment: rocks, trees, water and clouds.

The students based themselves on their own composition studies and references and they further developed everything into a final painting by means of light, color and material determination. The assignment consisted of 4 milestones on which feedback was given.
Lara D'Adda

Sebastien Vanschoonbeek

Evy Westelinck

Gert Braeckman

Dermaut Ward

Dayell de Graaf

Stijn Beerts

Thorquato Peters

Katharina Alexander

Noah Baumann

Yana Bryon

Jules Joris

Yarnn Somers