Preproduction 2: Exam 2021

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For their end-term project our first-year Game Graphics and 3D Animation students were tasked to visualize a long-gone crash site on an alien planet, clearly showing the remains of an abandoned human space station. 

The space station we used as a reference for this was the famous Stanley Kubric 'Space Station V' from '2001: A SPACE ODDYSEY'


Each student chose one of the already prepared mood boards to develop their Alien world. The working process towards that final keyart was the most important aspect of the assignment, namely: Creating varied ideas which were then elaborated further with an eye on composition, mood/color and a detail/texture pass. 


The assignment consisted of 2 milestones on which feedback was given.

Thanks to all students for their dedication and hard work.


Sebastien Vanschoonbeek

Lara D'adda

Stijn Beerts

Miel Vandepitte

Ward Dermaut

Mari Gallet

Noah Baumann

Gert Braeckman

Ester Favero

Mariia Ogneva

Nicolas Hendriks

Camille Leclerq

Evy Westelinck

Jerke Volckaert

Niyash Khadka

Anouk Donkers