Character Creation

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In this module our 2nd year students learn how to produce appealing characters from an existing concept to use in games and movies.


The first step in this process is getting comfortable with Zbrush; the industries favorite digital sculpting program. This software package allows us to create and design complex and organic shapes very quickly, as well as apply high resolution details for normal map baking.


The foundations of anatomy - both of the body and face - are thoroughly handled during these classes. Complementary to this we train the students' eye to reproduce correct proportions and shapes. Learning how to sculpt hair and other complex shapes such as clothing, shoes and armor is also essential to this course. 

Besides focusing on modeling and sculpting the students also learn how to apply some color to their meshes: texturing of all assets is mainly done in Zbrush with Polypaint. Creating UV's allows the students to take their textures into Photoshop to push them to a higher level.


When all these visual subjects are handled, students are taught to create animation-ready models via the retopology pipeline.


Lastly the students are trained to create portfolio-ready presentations that are easy to read and appealing. To do this we talk about lighting, materials, posing, and compositing. All of this is done in Zbrush and composed together in Photoshop.


The content of this module includes the theory, exercises and assignments to tackle these topics:


- Digital sculpting

- Human anatomy

- Clothing

- Retopologizing

- Texturing

- Posing

- Beauty shots/presentation


Technology used:

Zbrush, 3Ds Max or Maya, Photoshop