3D 1

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In this course you will learn the basic concepts of 3D. We will focus on the low-poly modelling workflow as used in games like Half-Life 2.

Creating optimised low-poly game objects and knowing how to unwrap and texture them, is the objective of this course. We will also add an ambient occlusion map to our game assets to add more depth.

Your end goal and final assignment is to create a city scene using the acquired techniques. 

Description of the content: 

  • Learning the Maya user interface 
  • Transformations on objects
  • Working with the coordinate system
  • Creating primitives and adjusting their parameters
  • Drawing and manipulating shapes
  • Mastering low-poly modelling techniques
  • Unwrapping objects to assign texture coordinates to objects
  • Blocking out a scene
  • Basics of materials and texturing
  • Rendering out ambient occlusion maps
  • Modulare workflow

Technologies used: Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchfab